The Unexpected Craving: Oxycodone Addiction

The Unexpected Craving: Oxycodone Addiction, oxycodone rehab clinicMaybe you were hurt on the job. Maybe you had a sports injury. Your doctor prescribed a painkiller (an opioid), and you followed directions – took it every day, as prescribed. Even though your pain quit after just a few days, you dutifully took those pills for the full 30 days.

Prescription painkillers are safe when taken as prescribed by a doctor. Trouble is, some people have a genetic predisposition – family history – of addiction, sometimes oxycodone addiction. Within just a few days or weeks, they develop a strong craving for these pills, they get a bigger effect than they expected. When the prescription runs out, they crave more – and before they know it, they need oxycodone rehab because the drug just hijacked their brain.

The High You Never Realized Could Hijack Your Life

Let’s face it, when you started taking the pills, your body craved that high. You were hooked – a label you never thought you would hear. It’s happening to many adults, even senior citizens. It’s an especially big problem if they combine medications with alcohol.

You should know that addiction is a disease. If you have a family history of addiction – even tobacco or alcohol – you’re more vulnerable. You didn’t go looking for “drugs” like a junky would. But before the month was up, you wanted that feeling you got from the pills.

Young Adults are at High Risk of Oxycodone Addiction

In some homes, it’s a teen or young adult who suddenly gets hooked on painkillers. They might get the prescription for a sports injury – or dental work – or maybe they found your pills in the family medicine cabinet.
Research shows that young adults are especially vulnerable to this problem if they are already drinking a lot of alcohol. Peer pressure often plays a strong role.

The Path to Heroin Addiction 

While it’s possible to buy prescription pain relievers on the street or the campus, it’s an expensive habit. That’s when many people turn to heroin. It’s a cheap fix that can take you even higher than oxycodone. But heroin often has tragic results, including blackout and even death.

Are you already on this path – or headed that way? Do you know someone who fits this pattern?

Know that help is available via support programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and group counseling. These programs will help you get to the heart of factors that may have contributed to your condition.

While family history does play a significant role, if you were depressed or have another emotional problem, you were especially vulnerable. We can help you with that. You can also learn skills to resist cravings and change your lifestyle to a healthier pattern.

Because withdrawal can be very difficult, you need a doctor’s care to get through it – with medications to ease withdrawal symptoms. There’s no reason to even try “cold turkey.” In fact, it can be dangerous. Heroin withdrawal treatment is available and out there as help for opioid addiction.

If you’re addicted, take heart that you can get past this. Some people are simply more vulnerable, that’s all. You have lots of people on your side who want you to get well again. You just need to take the first steps to ask for help. We’re here for you and can help you every step of the way.

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Whether treatment is for you, a family member or a friend, we are happy to speak with you about our outpatient drug treatment program, and how AOC can help patients with their opioid addiction recovery. Since 2007, AOC has helped thousands of patients on their path to recovery.

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Maybe you were hurt on the job, maybe you had a sports injury. Your doctor prescribed a painkiller(an opioid), and you followed directions, but 30 days later your craving more oxycodone or another painkiller you were prescribed. Addiction Outreach clinic is an oxycodone rehab clinic founded to help people that need it.

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