Suboxone Clinic

Addiction Outreach Clinic has Suboxone Clinics in Ohio and Pennsylvania

what is suboxone?

Addiction Outreach Clinic (AOC) is a Suboxone Clinic in Ohio and Pennsylvnia which provides outpatient care to help patients recover from opioid addiction. AOC’s opioid addiction treatment program includes MAT, medication-assisted treatment, which includes Suboxone which has been shown when taken daily, helps eliminate the cravings and withdrawal symptoms that keep people addicted. AOC’s MAT program requires attendance at one monthly behavioral counseling session and allows patients to attend as many counseling sessions as they need at no additional charge.

goal is to help patients get their lives back while being part of a practical, doable, and effective treatment program which allows the patient to maintain their day-to-day relationships and lifestyle.

Addiction Outreach Clinic has Seven Suboxone Clinics Across Ohio and Pennsylvania

Heroin Rehab YOungstown addiction outreach clinic

Addiction Outreach Clinic in Youngstown, Ohio

Our clinics are located in the following areas:

• Youngstown, OH

• Waverly, OH

• Elyria, OH

• Perry, OH

• New Philadelphia, OH

• Erie, PA

• Clarion, PA

for more information about our locations please see our locations page here.

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is an opioid addiction treatment drug which works in two ways. Suboxone is made up of 2 different drugs, buprenorphine and naloxone. The buprenorphine acts in the place of opioids such as heroin or oxycodone, which allows suboxone to suppress the symptoms of opioid withdrawal while decreasing cravings for opioids. Naloxone is an opioid blocker, it rapidly reverses the effects of opioids by binding to the same receptors in the brain that an opioid would bind to. This allows it to block and reverse the effects of prescription and street opioids.

Suboxone Doctors

Suboxone Doctor

AOC’s team of doctors includes board-certified addictionologists and counselors that work together to develop an effective medication-assisted treatment plan with Suboxone designed to meet the individualized needs of our patients.

An addictionologist is a doctor who has been specially trained in the treatment of addiction. At Addiction Outreach Clinic you will find a team of experienced and caring Suboxone doctors who want to help you recover. Your path to recovery is the top priority for the doctors at AOC.

Suboxone Treatment

Addiction Outreach Clinic’s Suboxone treatment comes in two parts and is unique. AOC uses MAT or medication assisted treatment which includes Suboxone with monthly behavioral counseling to support our patients’ path to recovery.

The team of Suboxone doctors and counselors at AOC work together to maintain a results-driven treatment plan that is personalized, effective, and successful with every patient.

The Suboxone treatment program is unique because it is offered in an outpatient setting, which allows patients to get treatment while not being taken away from their friend, family, and day-to-day life. The outpatient program offered at AOC is more practical and just as effective as an inpatient program. To learn more about how outpatient care stacks up against inpatient care read our article about it here.

Behavioral Counseling

AOC requires only one monthly behavioral counseling session to enable patients to focus on their recovery efforts while returning to their lives, work and families faster than traditional addiction treatment methods. Patients can attend as many counseling sessions as they want or need at no additional charge.

To learn more about the Suboxone clinic and our Suboxone treatment program click here.

Helping Thousands of Patients with Opioid Addiction Recovery

AOC provides a professional, caring and safe environment to ensure the best possible outcome for our patients. Since 2007, AOC has guided thousands of patients in Ohio and Pennsylvania along the path of opioid addiction recovery.