Spring Break And Drug Use, What You Need To Know.

There is a war going on within the United States and this war is not one that is easy to win. It is the war on drugs and it has been going on for years. The problem with this war is that it is like fighting a number of wars at once. There are the people selling it, the people buying it for personal use or to resell it and the people who are trying hard to keep it off the streets and even those fighting their own addiction. Anyone who can look at this picture knows that abuse plays a huge role in the supply and demand of the war.

Substances have been in use for thousands of years. The use of narcotics can be seen with Egyptians around 4000 B.C. and Marijuana by the Chinese around 2737 B.C. for medical use. The problem is, most people don’t use substances just for medicine anymore. People are getting hooked on substances and it is abuse that is causing a huge set of problems for people using the drugs and their family. If that was not enough, it reaches into the community too because these people dealing with the substance can not think straight and wind up doing tons of things that they might not otherwise do. This leads to huge issues that people from all walks of life have to face.

As university students start to take their spring break, substance use becomes an issue because there are people out there who are ready to sell it to every student who wants to buy it and try it. The salesman or saleswoman never tells anyone the bad things that could happen including addiction. What they will say is that the substance will enrich the party experience or make you feel less stressed. Often the very person selling the substance has no idea what is really being sold. A pure substance can kill.

Often that substance is cut down several times with things like gas or rat poison, Ajax or a small truck load of other harmful ingredients. Let’s face it, Ajax was not meant to be shot up your veins or snorted up your nose. It was meant to be used as a cleaning product. The person who is buying the substance has no control over the reactions his or her body will have from taken the substance and the person selling it only cares about two things, making money and not getting caught by the police.

One thing we can do is talk to the university student about the dangers of using a substance, however, they might still try it just to see what it is like. The problem is, often trying something once is all it takes to make someone an addict. There are many programs that are available to help with these issues. Stopping this global problem takes education and centers to help the addict. However, many times the addict does not even realize how deep the real problem stems. Spring break is going to come and go, just like it does every year and there is no doubt that we will have more people facing this huge problem unless they learn that substances are bigger than anyone and learn to avoid them. Education and prevention along with proper treatment for the problem might be the only hope.

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