Your Pharmacy Visit Dos and Don’ts

your pharmacy visit addiction outreach clinicTips for a positive pharmacy experience


DON’T be rude, aggressive or threatening to pharmacy staff.

DON’T assume your prescription will be ready exactly when you want it to be.

DON’T expect the pharmacist to give you information about your prescription without accurate prescription information.

DON’T rush pharmacy staff. They are busy talking to doctors, solving insurance issues and filling prescriptions for 100’s of people each day.

DON’T interrupt the pharmacy staff when they are on the phone or helping other people.

DON’T stand close to other customers when they are speaking to the pharmacist.

DON’T expect the pharmacist to know all the details of your insurance plan. That is your responsibility.

DON’T try to fill your prescription using ‘bad’ or fraudulent information. It could lead to unnecessary delays and denial of coverage.

DON’T let your children misbehave, run around the pharmacy or handle unpaid merchandise.

DON’T display bad behavior like yelling, stealing, or acting out. These behaviors can prevent you from getting your prescription filled and may get you banned from the pharmacy.



DO be police and develop a positive relationship with your pharmacist.

DO call ahead to make sure your prescription is ready before you arrive.

DO have all prescription information ready when calling your pharmacy (up to date insurance card, prescription name/dosage, correct personal information).

DO be patient. If your prescription is not ready, find out how long it will take and then have a seat or come back later.  

DO wait until it is your turn.

DO respect other customers’ privacy. Keep an appropriate distance until it is your turn to be waited on.

DO check your insurance plan ahead of time for your co-payment amount. Co-payments are set by your insurance plan, not the pharmacy.

DO make sure your insurance information is accurate and up to date. If it changes, give updated information to the pharmacist before having your prescription filled to prevent unnecessary delays.

DO keep your children with you at all times when in the pharmacy.

Do respect the pharmacy’s space.


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