Opioid Addiction Recovery During Coronavirus

Adapting Your Recovery for Coronavirus

Maintaining your recovery is difficult in any regular setting, but with the current pandemic situation in the world, it is only that much harder. Recovery requires dedication and consistency and being locked down in a self-quarantine is not helping.

So then what do you?

Well, it is important to take necessary action to keep your recovery on track and make a conscious effort to stay focused in your recovery journey even while being at home.

The government has advised everyone who is non-essential to stay home, work from home, and stay isolated as much as possible. Essential errands are allowed but socializing is strictly frowned upon, as social distancing has become the new norm.

Of course, isolation is difficult for those in recovery. Support and accountability are critical for staying on track with recovery. But there are ways to make your time at home positive rather than stressful.

  • Consider listening to a recovery speaker online. Sites like recoveryspeakers.com provide libraries of so much content to choose from for all aspects of recovery.
  • Make an effort to stay connected with important people in your life. Family, friends, sponsors, get on a call or a video chat, and stay connected with them day to day, let them keep you accountable.
  • Try to stay as busy as you can, even if you’re at home. Being isolate leaves opportunity for self-sabotage but keep all substances out of the house and instead make a list of activities you can do at home. Pick up a book, learn an instrument, play a game, do a puzzle, start a DIY home project, anything that keeps your hands or mind busy.
  • Lastly don’t ever be afraid to seek out help. These days are difficult and you may find yourself struggling in a different situation, the people around want the best for you, contact your treatment center, counselor, sponsor, family, friends, anyone who supports you and is close to you.
  • Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help. The days ahead are uncertain, which means that you may find yourself in an unprecedented situation in your recovery. Be prepared to contact your treatment center, therapist, or sponsor when times are tough – they will be ready to help you.

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