Health Nudge #3: Create a Your “Health Nudge” Music Hit List

Check out our Health Nudge Overview here if you haven’t read it yet.

Nudge Activity Description:

Create a play list of your favorite songs. Songs that make you feel happy, safe, comfortable, and/ or loved.

How to Do the Activity:

Write down a list of some of your very favorite songs. Feel free to search your music library or the Internet to help remind you. Now either create a play list in your music player, write down the list and save in your wallet, or in a safe place. You might even choose to create a “new contact” in your contact list and label it “Happy Songs”. The next time you get down, before you get too low, play one or many of the songs and remember that “this time too shall pass.”

Why It’s Important:

We all have times when we may get a little blue. Listening to a favorite song can bring back memories of happier times and give us hope that the future is still bright.  Having immediate access to something (music/ songs) that can give us the strength we need to overcome fear, sadness, regret, and anger can also help us stay strong and on our path to overcoming opioid addiction.

Tell Us About It!

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