Health Nudge #1: Set Personal Health Goals

Self-care, a massive aspect of your daily life and an important part of your recovery plan. Self-care is important for everyone and committing to self-care habits can truly improve your well-being from day-to-day. Self-care is the act of taking care of your mind and body with simple daily habits.

Self-care can include so many things, from changing your diet to getting your hair done.

Examples of self-care: exercising, eating well, getting your nails done (yes, men can get manicures too), taking a walk, getting a pet, cooking nice meals at home for yourself, getting enough sleep, and much much more.

The experts at AOC have created a simple and easy relapse prevention guide for you. The guide has been provided in two formats for your convenience a printable PDF version that you can write your answers in or an editable Word Document that you can type in.

Chose the version that works best for you and then click the link below to keep working your path to successful and sustained recovery.

Nudge Activity Description:

Take a few minutes to think about and then record your top 3 health goals.

How to Do the Activity:

Find a piece of paper, a pretty notebook, or even a napkin. Write down 5-10 “goals” that you have for your personal health. Now imagine what life would be like if you achieve these health goals. Would you be happier, have more energy, have less stress, live longer? Prioritize your list. Now select a maximum of 3 to work on in the next 3 months. Keep the rest for future reference. Develop a plan for how and when you are going to work on achieving these goals. This may mean setting aside a few minutes at the same time every day, putting reminders in your calendar, enlisting friends or family to participate in achieving your health goals, or simply putting them on the refrigerator or bathroom mirror so that you can keep them top of mind. Health Nudge will ask you how you are progressing against your goals, we will celebrate when you reach your own milestones, and we will encourage you when you fall behind. Remember, health is a lifelong endeavor. One meal, one day, one week, or yes, even one month of getting on track is just a point time. You can get back to doing what you believe is best for you, whenever you are ready.

Why It’s Important: 

Setting goals is important for achieving just about anything. We often think about goals only in the context of work or school. Shouldn’t maintaining good health be just as important as getting a good grade in school or a big promotion? We certainly think so, but in the end, your health status is really up to you. Health Nudge is here to help you achieve and maintain the level of health that you choose. Your health is really up to you! We are honored to help.

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