Health Nudge #2: Move that Body!

Check out our Health Nudge Overview here if you haven’t read it yet.

Nudge Activity Description:

Move even just a little and MOVE often.

How to Do the Activity:

Pick something that happens often throughout the day and use that as a reminder to get up out of your chair. For example, if you receive phone calls several times a day, then each time the phone rings stand up for a couple of minutes and move around. You could also set an alarm on your phone or computer that reminds you that you should get up and move a little at least every 30 minutes.

On most days, you also want to do some physical activity for 30 minutes.  Chose a time that works well for you.  You may enjoy a 30 minute walk alone in the morning to contemplate your day or maybe you prefer playing basket ball with your pals or maybe you like to play a moving game with your kids like tag or kickball.  There are so many choices that don’t require a gym membership or expensive equipment.

Why It’s Important: 

The more time people spend sitting, the greater their risk of diabetes, cardiovascular events, and death studies have shown (Wimot EG).

Physical activity –simply moving more makes your body feel good and makes you feel good about yourself.  This is a great way to build self confidence and help you stick to your goals to maintain your sobriety and stay clean.

Tell Us About It!

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