8 Personality Traits of Addicts

outpatient opioid rehabAddiction is not a certainty when someone possesses the traits listed below, but they are more than likely in a position where they have an addictive personality and may become an addict more easily. This article runs through a few characteristics that will point to an addictive personality in anyone from the young to the old,

Let’s see what the personality traits of addicts are:

#1: Impulsive Behavior

Doing something on impulse is common, but there are quite a few people who cannot control their impulses. They are far more likely to form addictive behaviors as a result.

#2: Drug Addicts May Be Compulsive

Anyone who must repeat a behavior over and over may be caught in a cycle that is difficult to break. They will find that they cannot stop without treatment, and it could lead to compulsive drug or alcohol use.

#3: An Addictive Personality May Lead to Inability To Handle Stress

Handling stress is difficult, but there are a number of people who simply turn to addictive substances because they cannot manage their lives. They will hope the addiction may cover up the pain they feel.

#4: Drug Addict Personality Might Include Grandiose Feelings

There are quite a few people who feel they are simply not capable of becoming addicts, and they will continue to exhibit these behaviors because they believe they have control. The lack of control that is then exhibited simply pushes them closer to becoming an addict.

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#5: Nonconformity Can Be Part of an Addict Personality 

Nonconformity is a trademark of many different people who are addicts because they do not believe that they must follow the rules of society. The nonconformist who has been an addict will continue to use their nonconformity to apologize for the addictive behaviors they have used. They will continue to do so because they believe that this is a unique trait about them that makes them special.

#6: An Addict May Lack Patience

There is a lack of patience exhibited in a number of people who are addicts because they do not have enough patience to deal with their problems. They want to see everything change in an instant, and they believe that their addictive substances will give them better results. People who exhibit these behaviors when they are young are often more likely to continue with these things in the future. They will use their lack of patience as an excuse, and they will do so as their addictive behaviors increase.

#7: It May Be in the Personality of an Addict to be in Denial

The addicts who are in denial will continue to deny that they have a problem. There are many different people who will deny that they have a problem, and they will continue to excuse their behavior because they insist that they do not have a problem in the slightest.

#8: Low Self-Esteem is Common in Addicts

Low self-esteem is last on the list, but it is often used by peers to get their friends to participate in addictive habits. People will be drawn into a number of different activities that are bad for them, and they will not think themselves good enough to live a clean lifestyle.

Each person who has an addictive personality must be shown that their behaviors are a problem for them and the people around them.

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