Hope for a Life After Addiction

Hope for a Life After AddictionFor decades, school children were taught about the dangers of illegal drugs: marijuana, cocaine, and heroin were the “evil” drugs kids were warned away from. The nation-wide crackdown on drugs that began in the 1980’s focused heavily on teaching children to refuse those drugs, and on teaching children the dangers … Read More

Recovery and Nutrition

Recovery and Nutrition

Recovery and Nutrition

If you happen to be in the midst of addiction recovery, then you understand that it’s not an easy process. After months, maybe years of stress on your body, it will undoubtedly take patience while your system adjusts to a healthier way of living. While it might

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Suboxone For Treatment Of Opioid Addiction

Suboxone in Treating Opioid AddictionSuboxone is a two-part approach to treating opioid addiction that is changing lives around the world. Someone who wishes to ensure that they are recovering properly must look into programs that use suboxone, and this article explains how the drug will ensure better results for patients. There are many patients … Read More

Addiction: Can It Be Inherited?

One of the most common questions people ask about addiction is whether it’s genetic. In other words, can someone inherit addictive behavior from their parents or grandparents? Studies say the answer is yes. While genes can’t definitively predict whether or not a person will become addicted to something, researchers have

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Suboxone In Treating Opioid Addiction

Opioid addiction is more than just a behavior, it’s a developed dependency. Getting off of an opioid can be a major struggle when the brain has changed due to long-term use. Brain scans have shown changes in the brain makeup of opiate addicts, mainly in the parts that control decisions,

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It’s Me or the Drugs

It's me or the drugs Addiction Outreach Clinic When trying to help an addict of opioid drugs and pain killers, we tend to get frustrated at the lack of improvement. This often leads to the phrase, “It’s me or the drugs”. Though, many people would be surprised to know that their lack of knowledge on the subject actually

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How to Love an Addict without Enabling Them

How to Love an Addict without Enabling ThemAn addiction to drugs can happen to anyone, even those without a prior history of drug use. Some drug addictions can start with a medical issue or surgery that leaves an individual in a significant amount of pain. They may turn to painkillers as a way of managing their pain … Read More

The Personality Traits Of Addicts

The Personality Traits Of AddictsAddiction is not a certainty when someone possesses the traits listed below, but they are more than likely in a position where they become an addict more easily. This article runs through a few characteristics that will point to an addictive personality in anyone from the young to the old.… Read More

Opioid Use and Heroin: The Ugly Epidemic

Opioid Use and Heroin: The Ugly EpidemicIn America today, there is a rising number of abuse and addiction of opioids. An opioid can be anything from prescription painkillers to morphine and heroin. This can affect both the health and economic welfare of all communities. There is an estimated amount of about 500,000 people currently addicted to … Read More

The Unexpected Craving: Painkiller Addiction

The Unexpected Craving PainkillersMaybe you were hurt on the job. Maybe you had a sports injury. Your doctor prescribed a painkiller (an opioid), and you followed directions – took it every day, as prescribed. Even though your pain quit after just a few days, you dutifully took those pills for the full 30 … Read More